Track Machines Connected Gmbh

Regensburger Str. 3
4020 Linz
Tel. +43 732 931659
Product groups
  • Servicing / Maintenance
  • Track
  • Surveying
  • Track construction machines, heavy-duty machines and construction cranes
  • Track-surveying vehicles
  • Inspections of tracks and switches
  • Miscellaneous services

Digital Track Maintenance Systems

tmc's systems make track maintenance safer and more efficient, thanks to an automated data exchange between the track machines and railway infrastructure. This reduces downtimes and facilitates maintenance and surveying activities. Learn more about our digital systems for track maintenance and surveying.

Digital systems for track surveying

We automate track surveying so that you can work more efficiently, precisely and above all, safely. We make track measurement possible, without an impact on operations. Find out more about tmc's digital systems for track surveying.

Assistance systems for track machines

We make digitization easy for you. Our solutions turn the track machines you manufacture or buy into highly efficient machines that give you a competitive edge. Find out how you can use your track machine at its optimum and check out our bestseller: the tmc Tamping Assistant


Systems for track and fleet monitoring

Keep an eye on the condition of your track infrastructure and maintenance machines with our solutions. This allows for improved operation and maintenance planning, as well as reduced costs. tmc's digital systems for track and fleet monitoring make it easy.

tmOS - never lose sight of the big picture

With tmc's Online Suite (tmOS) you always have an overview. It merges the relevant information from all sources and provides you with a holistic view of the railroad infrastructure measurements. Fragmented data points are put together to create a bigger picture from which targeted measures can then be derived.

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