The Prices


Type of Exhibitor

Prices in €, net

Main Exhibitor 985,00  
Co-Exhibitor 985,00  


minimum surface 12 m²

Stand type Prices in €, net Unit
Row stand 80,00 €/m²
Corner stand 85,00 €/m²
Peninsula stand 90,00 €/m²
Island stand 95,00 €/m²


minimum surface 12 m²

Area Prices in €, net Unit
A - nearby the halls 90,00 €/m²
B - WLE railway station 90,00 €/m²


Area Prices in €, net Unit
WLE railway station 90,00 €/m
temporary track at A/B 90,00 €/m

Every metre or part thereof will be charged at full price. In the case of two-storey constructions there will be a surcharge of 30% per sqm of the actual built-over area. The statutory value-added tax (VAT) must be added to each of the prices. The minimum stand size is 12 sqm. If more space is required than was originally ordered and this extra space is then allocated, the additional amount is payable immediately.
The rental includes: stand space rent, hall lighting, heating, general hall supervision, cleaning of the aisles, exhibitor car park (limited), advertising, press work, trade fair organisation.