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Hühnerberg 8
63584 Gründau
Product groups
  • Servicing / Maintenance
  • Devices and tools for track-construction
  • Rail grinding technology, machines and tools
  • Rail and rail fastening systems
  • Inspections of tracks and switches
  • Miscellaneous services

NaKorid Isorail is the reliable and EBA-approved repair method for insulated joints with DB Netz approval since 2020. The new repair method with NaKorid Isorail is cheap, quick and saves you time-consuming work, such as thermite welding of the insulated joint on the route.


Until now, the insulated joint was changed when the susceptibility to faults due to over-rolling had reached a critical level (red illumination). NaKorid Isorail now enables the timely installation of a repair insert during maintenance to create an electrically insulating layer that prevents rolling over.


The NaKorid Isorail insert replaces old insulated joints and makes thermite welding superfluous.

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