LINSINGER Maschinenbau Gesellschaft m.b.H

Dr. Linsinger Strasse 24
4662 Steyrermühl
Tel. +43 7613 8840
Fax +43 7613 8840-951
Product groups
  • Servicing / Maintenance
  • Track construction machines, heavy-duty machines and construction cranes
  • Track-surveying vehicles
  • Rail grinding technology, machines and tools
  • Rail/road vehicles

LINSINGER has more than eight decades of experience in milling technology which speaks for itself. In the last 30 years this expertise has also successfully been used for track maintenance. In a single processing pass the complete rail head is reprofiled. This environmentally friendly process has been developed to enable fast rail head reprofiling and to minimise traffic disruptions. Due to the technology, there is no pollution by chips or grinding dust.

LINSINGER has an export rate of 98 % and there are currently more than 60 rail milling vehicles worldwide in operation.

Product Range

  • rail milling machines for highspeed railways, railways, city railways, tramways, subways as well as for switches, crossings and turnouts
  • rail-road trucks for flexible operation
  • stationary rail head milling machines for rail welding and repair centres


Our newest innovation, CO2 free alternative drives, will be presented at this year’s show in Münster.  


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