L&S Luddeneit und Scherf GmbH

Wimmlerstrasse 25
07806 Neustadt an der Orla
Tel. 0049-36481-5645-0
Fax 0049-36481-5645-19
Product groups
  • Servicing / Maintenance
  • Loading/clearance-gauge measuring devices
  • Rail grinding technology, machines and tools
  • Rail/road vehicles
  • Rail and rail fastening systems
  • Inspections of tracks and switches

L&S Luddeneit und Scherf GmbH is a constantly expanding company which is engaged in the fields of development, construction and manufacturing of special technoloy for maintenance of rail bounded transport systems.

Our highly qualified specialists realize world wide services with our special purpose machines. L&S Luddeneit und Scherf GmbH is headquartered in Germany.

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