Calenberg Ingenieure GmbH

Am Kn├╝bel 2-4
31020 Salzhemmendorf
Tel. +49 5153 9400 0
Fax +49 5153 9400 49
Product groups
  • Track
  • Railway structures
  • Technical track equipment
  • Construction materials/components
  • Rail and rail fastening systems

Calenberg has been carrying out research into elastomeric materials technology since 1972. As global solution provider for static structural component bearings, vibration isolation and structure-borne sound control, we are primarily active in construction and industry. We aim to protect buildings from tremors, reduce vibrations and increase living comfort.Besides construction and industry, we also focus on railway systems and environmental applications. Made of synthetic and natural rubber, our railway systems products deliver enhanced elasticity in track bed structures and protect the overall track bed system thanks to their material characteristics. What's more, they also reduce wear in such components. Special products in our Environment Division allow us to provide optimal noise control with our noise protection wall as a flexible sound insulation solution and our specially developed absorption mat ensures subsoils are effectively protected from contact with harmful substance

In the rail industry Calenberg Ingenieure provide elastomeric products that protect both slab- and ballast tracks against vibrations and structure-borne noise.

The product portfolio ranges from rail pads and base plate pads made of foamed EPDM to profiled mass-spring systems made of various types of solid rubber to under ballast mats made of bonded rubber fibres or rubber granulate.

Rail dampers, EPDM shear cam pads and directional control bearings complete the product range.

The Oil-Ex absorption mat protects the substrate from contact with harmful substances. The mat is suitable for mobile and
stationary use wherever uncontrolled oil losses and leaks can occur. It is recommended to use the mat for maintenance, repair and cleaning
purposes. This effectively protects tracks from oil contamination.

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